The industries we can provide services to

We at FCD-Express work with various industries, ensuring efficiency and reliability in the delivery of your freight.

General cargo

All of your Hi Tech, Textiles, Fashion, Sport goods, machinery and equipment we can deliver on competitive prices. We can make a long term commitment so you can be sure that your transport needs are covered all year around.

Automotive sector

On of our most busiest sectors, we can make an offer for transporting your freight even on an yearly contract. We make a lot of express deliveries so the production does not stops.


The transport of healthcare products has always been characterised by high dynamics. Short-term deliveries of a wide range of products, multiple deliveries and nationwide reliable supply are also offered here by FCD-EXPRESS.


We at FCD-Express can achieve transporting such freight, by the help of our expertise and wide range of contacts build over the years in the transport business.


FCD-EXPRESS takes care of the safe shipment and delivery of all your paintings, sculptures and antiques as well as the complete transfer of art galleries. Entrust us with your most valuable possessions!

Oversized transport

FCD-Express can provide logistics service and solution for your oversized cargo. If you need to transport such freight throughout Europe, we can arrange it for you.

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